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Online school “CoreInvestingHub”

Our course contains 15 lessons. You will receive the first lesson absolutely for free.

With us, you risk nothing: you get to try and understand for yourself whether you are interested in this type of profession; the knowledge you will obtain will remain with you; and at the same time, you will move into a new level of self-development — all this for a symbolic price!

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During the 15 lessons, you will get all the necessary knowledge to start investing or trading on a real (Not Demo!) account.

You don’t need any prior knowledge of this subject. All basic concepts, rules, and terminologies will be presented to you in a simple form.

After studying our course, you will get a sufficient amount of knowledge that will allow you to understand how the stock market works, as well as all the reasons that affect its behavior.

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Our course will be interesting for various groups of people: for all those who would like to try out trading and investing in the stock market or other securities, but do not know how to do it or was afraid to start doing it.

You will get access to the first free lesson after filling out the form.

During the studying process, we will cover the following topics:

List of topics in the training course:

NYSE, NASDAQ, AMEX, LSE - what is it and how it works;

Fundamentals of trading and investing - basic knowledge for opening positions;

Trader's first steps - all you need to know about trading;

Basic notions a trader needs - Bid, Ask, Spread, Mid, Volume, Last, Close, Low, High, Avg. Price;

Online resources to find information - how to work with them;

Instructions on how to find the right stocks - our universal solution;

What is corporate reporting and how to use it to your advantage;

Stocks and how they work - comparison with CFD;

The formula for safe positions or how to protect yourself from losses;

Futures, funds, indices - how they influence the behavior of stocks and how to protect oneself;

Friends among stocks - what for are they for, what to do with them, how to find them?;

Knowing how to read the order book and the order ticker - one of the most important skills for a professional and how it can save a trader.;

Basics of technical analysis - support and resistance, how to deal with them;

Company stockholders - how to be friends with them, what they can tell us and how we can make money with them;

"Magic numbers" - what they are and how to use them for income;

Psychology of trading: our brain traps;

How to find the direction of the stocks and who will help us in this;

When to buy and when to sell - the question of all traders and investors;

And this is not a complete list of our topics!

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After completing the course, you'll have the knowledge you need to trade on the exchange on a real account. You will learn why every investor should know these words and why they are needed in everyday trading:

The Fed
Average Price

We will also look at many companies that are well-known and traded on both the U.S. and UK stock markets. We will look at them as examples, analyze their charts, and analyze their behavior:

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When you finish studying our first lesson (which is fully free) and when you will understand our manner of education, likely that you will be interested in the whole course. If you like everything, you will only need to pay for the other remaining 14 lessons. once you pay, you will have access to the full course, according to the group of your choice. You can purchase our course directly on our website, using the button at the end of the page.

The payment process will not take much time, our service is organized very easily, is encrypted, and we accept any cards for payment, without any fees or commissions!

So, you have the opportunity to try our excellent and high-quality product for an affordable amount of money.

Three groups are currently available for enrollment: Econom, Standart, Deluxe.

In "Econom" package, you only get access to the course, you move on your own, as you like. It's good for people who like to figure it all out on their own. In the package "Econom", there are no homework assignments, consultations, communication with the author - only access to the course.
— Price of "Econom" package:
Limited time offer: $147.00
$225.00 Save 35%

In "Standart" package, you get access to the course, as well as, at the end of the training, one individual Q&A session with the course author - you'll be able to ask any questions you've had during the course.
— Price of "Standart" package: $199.99

In the "Deluxe" package, you get everything that is included in the "Econom" and "Standart", and, in addition, you get
Personal consultation with the course author;
Homework check;
Personal mentor;
Direct communication with the course author during the learning;
Personal certificate signed by the founder of the school;
Optional exit test with a certificate confirming your progress;
Support for communication after course completion;
— Price of "Deluxe" package: $299.99

You need to fill out a form to enroll in the school. After payment, you will immediately receive access to the course at the email address you indicate when you sign up.

Sign up and get the first lesson for free!

Fill out the form and get the first lesson instantly to your email! After getting the absolutely free lesson you will be able to understand whether you like the learning material, the style of lessons, whether it is interesting to study the full course. If you like it, all you have to do is pay for the remaining 14 lessons. You can do this by making an online payment right on our site.
Get the first lesson for free [Econom]
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The best trading course for beginners.

We provide everything a beginning trader or investor needs: a personal mentor, communication with the course author, homework check - all the knowledge needed for real trading in the stock market.

Comparison of the characteristics of different trading courses

Scroll horizontally with your finger to view the table.

CoreInvestingHub InvestorsUndergound ThomasKralow
Free Lessons / Trial
Absolutely free lesson for everyone
- -
Personal Mentor
You have your own personal tutor with whom you can discuss your training.
Direct contact with the course author
There is a direct contact to the founder of the school and the author of the course.
One-on-one consultation with the author of the course
Individual Q&A session with the founder of the school and the course author.
- -
Exchanges being studied
The following 5 exchanges will be studied: NYSE, NASDAQ, AMEX, PINK (OTC), LSE.
1 1
Homework Check
Your personal tutor will check your homework and answer your questions.
Keeping in touch with school alumni
You will be able to contact your mentor, even after completing the course.
- -
We issue a personal certificate signed by the author and founder of the school.
- -
Exam / Exit Test
Optionally, you can take a final test and receive an additional certificate of successful completion of the training program.
Price From $147.00 to $300 $997 $899

Information taken from public sources as of 2022. Information about other courses is subject to change by their owners. Some of the above options at our school are only available in the "Deluxe" package.


$225.00 $147.00

You save 35%

Full access to the course, move on your own as you want to

Good for those who like to figure things out on their own

No homework, no consultations - only access to the course for self-study without feedback

Buy it now


$307.00 $199.99

You save 35%

Full access to the course

You will receive lessons three times a week in text format, at the specified email address

One individual question-and-answer session with the course author - you can ask any questions you had during the course.

Homework - completion and review as you wish

Buy it now


$454.00 $299.99

You save 34%

Full access to the course

You will receive lessons three times a week in text format, at the specified email address

One individual question-and-answer session with the course author - you can ask any questions you had during the course.

Homework Check

Personal Tutor

Direct contact with the course author

Keeping in touch after the end of the course

Personal certificate with the signature of the founder of the school

Optional final test with an additional certificate

Buy it now
Get the first lesson for free [Econom]
Get the first lesson for free [Standart]
Get the first lesson for free [Deluxe]

What our students are saying


Украина, Одесса | Євгенія С.

Все чудово. Мені сподобалося книга ордерів, тепер я навчилася і можу передбачати недалеке майбутнє акції! Правило про власників компаній працює без винятків! Я вражена. Чуствую себе як oracle 😂🤣! Буду всім радити!


Barselona, España | María López

Hola a todos! Quería decir que el curso es muy chulo! Voy a recomendarlo a todos mis amigos! Gracias, Alex Casa 😊!
P. S.
Tu español es muy profesional, Alex!


USA, Detroit | Ander Josh

I am happy with the learning course, I am really glad that I took it. It was definitely something new for me, even though I am used to working with numbers. When I opened the trading platform for the first time, I was blown away by the amount of data changing in real-time. Literally, every inch of the screen was updating and showing some kind of information. Alex's course helped me understand what to do with this huge amount of information, and now, I even can make decisions based on it! Anyway, my advice for all beginners who want to try trading: keep it slow, and don't be afraid of the fancy trading tools and platforms, you will get used to it after some time, and of course, it will happen much faster if you have a nice mentor like Alex :)


Украина, Киев | ООО "Guardian", Максим Г.

Здравствуйте, хочу порекомендовать этот замечательный курс по трейднгу и инвестированию. Это замечательный пример того, как надо преподавать! Стоит отметить, что манера изложения материала крайне доступна. Большое спасибо за такое прекрасный опыт! Спасибо, Максим.


Madrid, España | Theo

Alex was very good mentor. this course is very easy to understand. the most interesting part for me was techincal analysis.


USA, LA | Владимир

Прекрасный курс. все по делу, без воды. изложено очень доступным языком.


USA, Virginia | Jullie Young

It was a really interesting course, I'm so thankful to Alex and his team for creating such a wonderful learning experience! I already opened an account and started making my first trades, I even shorted AMD! Even after completing the course, I keep in touch with Alex, I send him over my trades, and he helps me analyze my mistakes and decisions.


Canada, Toronto | Elena Kotova

Здравствуйте, я много лет работаю бухгалтером в Канаде. Я решила попробовать себя в новой профессии. Все очень круто и просто. Тут нет понтов и пафосных терминов. Особенно мне понравилась тема "волшебные цифры".


Украина, Днепр | Екатерина M.

Вау!😍😍мне очень понравился курс!!!!😊👍буду рекомендовать своим фоловерам и подружкам!😊👌думала что у меня не получиться но получилось😂❤️


Bar, Montenegro | Safet K.

First of all, I would like to thank Alex, he is a very professional mentor and trader. I think about taking Alex's advanced course. And, I hope to make some money!

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